The Beginning

Ps. Cherian after graduating in commerce from Kolkata University, pursued his theological studies from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune (1988-1991). Thereafter his stint with Quiet Corner Ministries (1991-2000) was a huge learning curve for him under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Samuel and Rev. Murli Menon. Then in the year 2000, the Holy Spirit impressed upon the hearts of Cherian and Tara to embark on an exciting journey of faith to impact the Tri-city and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was a privileged call which they chose to follow and decided to give it their all.

The path towards working out of the calling has been a great adventure, full of challenges. However, being convinced and driven by the ‘high call’ in their hearts, they pressed on. As they learnt exhaustive lessons on this ‘journey of faith’, they became resilient in their faith-walk with God. As they clung to God and persevered, God began to unfold wondrous blessing into their lives. Today what began with a handful of committed believers stands as a blessing to the Tri-city and beyond.

The Journey

The road has not always been smooth. There have been few bumps here and there coupled with sharp twists and turns. However since it was God’s call, no challenge was able to dampen their hearts. Eventually the Church was registered as a trust and a non-profit organization in January,2005. The trust was formed with a sincere emphasis on both spiritual enlightenment and works of compassion for the poor and marginalized in the region. The focus also includes youth and children.

A decade later, today the Church sports a multicultural nature with people from various walks, ethnic groups and states of India woven together in love and fellowship. The sacrificial giving of the local congregation has enabled FCC to become a self-supporting Church.

The Sunday Worship Service is held in the premises of St. Stephen School in Sector 45/B, Chandigarh, which has been graciously permitted to us by respected founder/director Mr. Harold Carver. The Church office is located in 1094, Sector 15/B, Chandigarh.

Besides City Beautiful, the church has its branches in Nahan, Dehradun, Mohali and Manipur also. Each of these branches is looked after by a dedicated team of assigned pastor and church volunteers.

Board of Trustees

Faith Community Centre is governed by a team which includes the Board of Trustees and the Leadership team. The day to day functioning and activities of the Church is governed by the leadership team which consists of leaders both full time and volunteers. The Board of Trustees comprises of: